Ridiculous - End of 2016

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I cannot believe it's been nearly 2 years since I wrote a blog on here.  Shameful.   But all I can say is, sorry :(

I've been really busy trying to finish off books and am happy to say I saw the publication of two more stories this year which you can find on my other website at

I've been songwriting too but have yet to start my 2nd solo album.  That will come in 2017 along with, finger's crossed, some more cool tunes that I hope you will enjoy listening to.

Reading your comments and enquiries has been wonderful, so please do keep them coming.  I may take a year to get back to you, but I'll get there ;)

I've also got a monthly radio show, BreatheEasy on Ocean Radio Chilled which you can tune into and I can play your requests or new chilled music if you are a musician and you have a new track to play.

Anyway, keep the faith, God Bless and keep on truckin'. 

Tiff :) x



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  1. Chelbert

    Hey, love your dance music tracks! Hope you make more in the future!

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