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Back in 2005, Tiff teamed up with Robert de Fresnes and wrote the song Labyrinth.  The track was signed to Substream at the same time Rubikon was signed and so both decided to put the track out under the alias of Vendetta. 

Labyrinth is the one and only production ever to come out of the Vendetta stable. [Ref]

However, some sources on the internet seem to feel that Labyrinth was a collaboration by Tiff and David Vendetta, this is of course not correct.


Can’t you see, can’t you see…

Can I contain what I create

Can I restrain myself

Hard to control, hard to mistake

This I know all too well

And in my dreams I see a revelation

Just like hieroglyphics on the wall

Like I’m caught up in conversation

In my mind I hear you call


Can’t u see

This is something I can’t hold onto

Can’t break free

Locked in a Labyrinth

Don’t you see

Cos losing grip is something I’m used to

Watch me scream

It appears I’m a prisoner, yes it’s true


Am I enslaved by lunacy

Or will I conclude to go along

Left at the tail end of anarchy

Any notion I have must be wrong

But are my dreams just hallucination

Can I offer them meaning at all

Do I cry out from depravation

Locked in the labyrinth I hear you call


Can’t u see…



TDL © 18 November 2005