In the early years, Tiff fronted rock, indie and folk bands including Frankenstein’s Baby (“FB”), an indie/folk band who were playlisted on Virgin FM. They were auspiciously reviewed by the music press and as their fanbase grew FB began to gig around the country including at the legendary Mean Fiddler.

However, despite having a creative input into the recordings, Tiff did not want to sing other people’s songs especially since she had been writing songs from the age of 13.

In 1991 she joined a band with a friend but after several months of gigging, singing mainly covers, Tiff and the guitarist decided to leave to write an album together. Tiff was finally given the artistic freedom to develop her songwriting skills, experimenting with a variety of styles and recording many songs. This band, "Big White Dove" had interest from both Virgin and EMI but due to differences in outlook, coupled with Tiff’s burning desire to return to the Cornish Coast, the association came to an end.  In 2000, after several years of surfing badly and missing the call of London, Tiff returned to the wilds of Kent.


It was then Tiff had her breakthrough in the club scene when Paul Oakenfold invited her to record the vocals for his track. “Hypnotised” became an international hit in 2002 followed by Tiesto's remix of her track “Kiss In Shadows”, so Tiff established her place as Trance Royalty in 2004 when her track “Ecstasy” written by ATB sat at #1 in the Polish charts for 17 weeks (Bulgaria #1, Hungary #2, Germany #43, Austria #62). ATB included all three of Tiff's tracks on his album “No Silence”, which included “Marrakech” (featured in the soundtrack of Renny Harlin’s movie “Mindhunters” and reached #2 in Hungary, #14 in Finland, #38 in Germany and #50 in Austria). These tracks became historical hits and are still requested for sets and podcasts from fans. ATB asked Tiff to write for his albums Seven Years: 1998-2005 (2005) and Future Memories (2009).

Going from strength to strength, Tiff began building an arsenal of songs, working with heavyweight Producers, Matt Darey, Ryan Farish, Aly & Fila, Rhys Fulber, Headstrong, Filo & Peri, Lost Witness, First State, Tenishia (Burning From The Inside” won the award Best Dance Production 2008 at the Malta Music Awards in 2008) and George Acosta to name but a few.


Relentless as ever, in between writing for the EDM genre, Tiff also recorded a vocal electronic album “Wonderland” with co-writer Huw Williams under the alias “Rubikon”. A collectors piece, sadly now there are very few tangible copies of this album to be found.

The call from House Producers followed in 2008 including collaborations with Amex, Natlife and Purepath, DJ Zya, Chus Liberata and more recently with The Henchmen.

Nonetheless, Tiff yearned to revisit her “indie roots” and in April 2010, Tiff signed to Loverush Digital and her solo album “¡Viva!” was released digitally on iTunes in 2011. Tiff personally financed a small run of CD copies of the album. There are only a few copies now left available but you can purchase your own signed copy of the album via the eShop.

Since the release of ¡Viva!, Tiff has continued with her passion, writing constantly, with a yen to write the “perfect song, Tiff has set up her own label “FireFlower Music”. 2013 will see the release of her third album.

For upcoming Tiff Lacey collaborations and for the full tracklisting of all Tiff Lacey titles please see the tracklist page.


Besides her singing and songwriting talent, Tiff is also a writer of fiction, a painter, artist and keen photographer.

Tiff also has a gallery website called FaithHope&Love where you can view Tiff's paintings and photography:

Tiff runs her own publishing company,  PeaChi Publishing:

At the moment the publications are just hers and genres will include children's stories, fantasy novels, dark fiction, black comedy and poetry.

Her illustrated book of poetry will help you see where Tiff finds the inspiration behind a lot of her lyrics.

Tiff is currently in the process of finalising a book of lyrics, which she fuses illustrations and photographs with her words.















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